Converge Dance Festival, now in its 6th season, aims to support dance artists from emerging to mid-career, with a focus on innovation and outside the box ideas. The festival has a focus on building community and creating a space for artists to explore and feel free to take risks in their work. 


Converge Dance Festival was founded in 2008 by the original artistic directors of Sapience Dance Collective with a focus on creating and producing dance work in the Pacific Northwest.

Converge Dance Festival 2019 is directed and produced by Constanze Villines, a Seattle-based dance artist, who has been creating and producing work, as well as dance festivals for the past several years. She is thrilled to take over Converge Dance Festival and to be able to offer a platform to new and up-and-coming choreographers, as well as performance opportunities for Pacific Northwest dancers! 


Current Artistic Director is Constanze Villines. 2016 through 2018 seasons were directed by Angelica DeLashmette and Angelica DeLashmette / Kelsey Hamon. Founding directors include Ariella Brown, Karen Grady-Brown, Victoria Jacobs, Sarah Seder, Lilah Steece, and Amy Weaver.


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