Converge Dance Festival’s mission is to support Pacific Northwest dance artists by producing an annual festival, which serves as a resource for emerging to mid-career artists and an opportunity for Seattle audiences to experience original and meaningful contemporary dance works. The festival puts the focus on innovation, building community, collaboration, and creating space for artists to grow their ideas and take risks in their creative work.

Dance is a powerful art form, which allows us to grow in empathy and awareness. It is a unifying force, that facilitates dialogue, while offering us the experience to connect to our humanity, where we can unify in causes and experiences, and challenge individual and societal patterns of thinking. With the festival we strive to build supportive communities and safe spaces, where people can exchange these ideas and perspectives. To be seen and witnessed. We hope to share meaningful work with our community and continue to create space for connection and dialogue.

Converge Dance Festival encourages all artists to express their choreographic voice - we offer a space open to all gender, race/ethnicity, religion, and lifestyle and wish to break down barriers through the power of the arts.