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  Converge Announces New Director And 2019 Festival Dates

"Converge Dance Festival is excited to announce that Constanze Villines has been appointed new artistic director of the festival, which runs yearly for one weekend in spring.
Converge Dance Festival, now in its 6th season, aims to support dance artists from emerging to mid-career, with a focus on innovation and outside the box ideas. The festival has a focus on building community and creating a space for artists to explore and feel free to take risks in their work. [...]"

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  CONVERGE 2015 

"Viewers undoubtedly laughed, pondered, maybe even sang or danced from their seat (and possibly questioned if they were tripping on acid-laced Easter candy) throughout the evening. Sapience Co-Directors Sarah Seder, Lilah Behrend, and Amy Weaver have much to be proud of. They’ve created a festival that celebrates contemporary dance, but felt welcoming to all."    - Gabriella Nomura Gainor of Seattle Dances

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"While the spectacle of virtuosic, technical dancing and flashy costumes is inviting to many artists, choreographers at the Converge Dance Festival proved that subtle, pared down dancing can be just as artistically fulfilling—if not more so. With the exception of a few pieces, the artists showed how powerful subtlety can be when paired with a strong point of view."    - Imana Gunawan of Seattle Dances

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  While We Are Human 2013


"Peaceable Kingdom, like many of Sapience’s works, is not merely a dance performance but a mixing of artists, communities, and ideas. Seder hopes this work will be accessible not just to dancers or singers, but also to a larger audience of people who are interested in the questions and philosophies the music brings forth." - Seattle Dances